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DC recap, Conference this week, New Websites

The trip to DC for the March for Life was a blast. I’ll blog more about my pro-life view and some of the ways I’m helping the cause in a future post but it was cool standing up for something and it was cool being right in front of the White House and around all of the other famous buildings there.

Today we begin 4 days of conference work. We are heading to Valdosta to hit up a specialty store to get some stuff and then we will go to Tifton, Ga to finish setting up. You know it’s going to be a sweet conference when you need to buy 2,000 feet of coax cable to make it happen.

In the next week we will launch a few new websites for clients. I can’t wait to show them off! Both are sweet!

By the way in Tifton, Ga my cell sometimes doesn’t work and rarely gets a strong enough signal to make or take a call so texting is the best way to reach me. Or email works to. You can watch a live feed from the conference Wed-Fri at


Live Updates from DC

I’ll do my best to pull out the laptop and post on here but in case I don’t have time you can always follow what I’m doing on Twitter. is the link you can use to follow me on there. Also those of you on facebook can check my facebook status although I’ll be changing that a lot less than I am updating Twitter.

In case you don’t know I’m going to be in DC tomorrow through the weekend for the March for Life event. I’ll be covering it on video for the group Stand True and the footage will be used by them and other ministries around the country.

I hate to put something like this but if anything happens in DC and you want to hear I’m doing or if I was near the incident then I will update my twitter via SMS before I update anything else.


A Busy Two Weeks

In a bit I’ll be leaving from here (my apartment) to head to church. From there I’ll get some lunch and we are going to pack up all of our Shift Creative gear to head to Tifton, Georgia. We are setting up for a prayer conference tomorrow with a few hundred teens. We are in charge of all the live video feeds and mixing which should be easy. They will also be running a program on the screens where teens can text a message to a number and that message will appear on the screens (after it’s checked to make sure its appropriate by us). Should be a cool interactive conference thing although the teens from Jim’s church are mostly going to meet teen girls from outside of Hazlehurst.

That will wrap up tomorrow night and we will pack up. Tuesday I’m gonna be resting and packing and watching the inauguration on TV. I could be there live but it would have been way too crazy to make that happen. I think Tuesday night I am going to drive to Savannah, Georgia and I’ll crash at Brandon Holt’s place. From Savannah it is only an 8 hour drive to DC so that cuts out 3 hours of driving if I can get that far. Then on Wednesday I drive to DC for the March for Life event. 4 days of marching, presentations, concerts, discussions, and a chance to experience DC. I’ve been to DC once but only for a few hours so it’ll be cool getting to experience the city for a few days. I’ll be able to visit places like the Supreme Court and White House and all the Memorials and everything so it’s like a vacation/history-lesson/work-trip.

I’ll get back either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning and again I’ll take a day to relax and then I’ll have a few days of normal Hazlehurst work stuff and then it’s back to Tifton for a conference with a few thousand adults. It’s a bigger and more complicated set up for us at this but still not too hard.

You can follow what I’m doing and where I am with all of these events at or through my facebook status. I’ll be using texting (SMS) to update both throughout these trips. And feel free to text me at 937-287-9845!


One Down

Just got back from helping with media stuff at a conference for youth pastors in south Georgia. Basically Jim and I answered questions about how use things like blogs or twitter or facebook or myspace to do ministry and we explained the importance of using media like videos and graphics and all that.


Here is our schedule the next month…


16 – my birthday!

18-19 – teen prayer conference in Tifton, Georgia

21-25 – March for Life in Washington, DC

27-31 – adult prayer conference in Tifton, Georgia


4-6 – anti-gang events in Hazlehurst, Ga

So it’s a busy month. Those prayer conferences all involve multiple cameras, multiples computers, multiple mixer boards, online streaming, dvd burning, and other things so we’ll have our hands full. A few hundred teens will be at the first one and a few thousand adults will be at the 2nd one. The march for life will have a hundred thousand or so. We’ve made the decision not to go early for Barack Obama’s inauguration because of travel expenses and timing. That extra day of rest will help me get ready for the drive Wed. Jim is not going so it’ll be a long drive by myself through South Caroline and North Caroline and Virginia.


Here it is!

My new blog is up and running. Still some things to work on but it’s usable now!

The big thing I was going to announce ended up not working out so it’s a good thing I waited!

Check back here at or soon it will just be!

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