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If you want to help us provide free resources to missionaries and churches you can do that simply by shopping on iTunes…

From now on before you buy from iTunes click on and click in the iTunes logo … 5% of whatever you spend by clicking that link will support Shift and our mission to do as much free stuff as possible!


Brian’s Baby

Anyone who knows me should know that my computer is my life. My contacts, my schedule, my work projects, my music, my movies, and even the Bible I use the most are all on my computer.

That computer is a 4 year old iMac G5 PowerPC. I got in 2005 and between then and now it has travelled millions of miles, been from coast to coast and border to border, and it has produced videos/graphics/websites that have been seen by hundreds-of-millions worldwide.

I know I need a new one soon… my company, Shift Creative, is saving up to buy a few new computers but until then this is what I primarily use.

Anyways on Monday of this week it crashed. It froze up, turned off, and wouldn’t reboot. Jim and I looked at it and took it apart and figured out that the hard drive must’ve given out.

Let me remind you that EVERYTHING in my life is saved on that computer so to hear that I might’ve lost everything really upset me. We took out the old hard drive, put it in a freezer, put in a new one, got the re-boot discs, and installed OSX on a new hard drive. We then connected the old hard drive to another computer and got all of my important files off of it before it 100% kicked the bucket for good.

So my computer works, I have all of the files I need, and I will be backing everything up about 3000 times a day!

Thanks Jim for the help!


Exciting times in the land of Brian

1. Monday we are meeting with some record label executives to discuss Shift Creative doing a music video, website, and photo shoot for a Christian hip-hop/worship artist.

2. Tomorrow we travel to Warner Robins, GA to meet with a church about doing audio/video installation for them.

3. We are finishing up for the state offices … we are also getting ready to write the code so that churches around the state can log on to to upload weekly attendance/financial totals

4. Another church in Savannah is wanting us to do a full audio/video/lighting installation so we will be meeting with them soon… this could potentially be a $200,000+ deal so we are excited

5. We are also working with the Church of Christ program called CIY to purchase gear for them… they are the guys behind Jr. High Believe and the Move Conference for HS students.

6. We have been booked to do a few weddings in the spring. One of them we will set up our cameras and a mixer and record the wedding live and hand the bride a DVD after the ceremony.

That’s just a few of the exciting things… we’ve had some smaller things like logo designs, web designs, and other things but that is all the big stuff…


Young Children Should Not Read This Post

Clicking around some news/blog sites today during some chill time lead me to an article about a ministry that is talking about overcoming sins and is selling shirts for people to buy when that have overcome certain sins.

One of the shirts proudly shares with the world that the wearer is an “ex-masturbator” . I know this ministry means well but a shirt like that is kind of ridiculous.



Contact Lenses with built in TV screens?


Click the link above to read about the newest technology scientists are working on. I’m excited. In 10 years I’ll be 35 so I expect these things for my birthday that year.


My Idiot Moment

This week I changed banks here. SunTrust would not let me do online banking because some business in their system had my social security number as their business ID number and they use the SSN to set up their online accounts. So for 10 months they told me they’d work on it and finally I got tired of the wait. So I switched to a local bank here in Hazlehurst where a guy from the church is the President and everyone else I know here banks at.

Anyways I say all that because I had to show my drivers license to open that account. I remember getting my license back and not knowing where I put it. That same day I had to show it to prove I was 18 when I bought come de-congestant to get over my cold and I couldn’t find it. I opened my wallet and it wasnt there. So the person let me show an old college ID and let me get the medicine but it bugged the crap out of me to figure out where my license was. So I tore my car up… spent literally 2 hours going through every nook and cranny of my car trying to figure out where it fell out to. I called the bank. I checked the folder with all the new bank paper work… no where. I was sooooooo mad and upset… then I checked my wallet one last time and it was there. I had just put it in a hidden section of the wallet when I was leaving the bank.

Anyone else had a huge idiot moment?


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