What exactly Shift Creative sells and why we do this:

The whole purpose behind Shift Creative and Shift Ministries is more than just to pay our bills and run a business. Shift exists to help fund projects that benefit ministries and churches around the country. We want to do as much as we can for free to help missionaries and small churches and non-profits with website design/hosting, video production services, graphic design, and more to keep their ministry and mission relevant. Already we have a waiting list of missionaries and ministries looking for help with these things. All of that is funded through us doing paid projects for churches and ministries that can afford to pay for it. When you buy a website, video, logo, sound equipment, video equipment, or anything else from Shift the small amount we mark up that price (which 90% of the time that price with the mark-up is still cheaper than anything any other company offers).

So some of you have asked me what all we sell, and we are going to make this more in-depth when we get an updated website up in a few days, but I want to list everything here….

1. Custom designed flash or HTML websites

2. Videos (weddings, music videos, sports videos, really anything you need video-wise)

3. photography (wedding, senior pictures, school pictures, family portraits, individual portraits, sports photography, and anything else photo related)

4. Graphic design (logos, newsletters, letterheads, banners, signs, and whatever else you need)

5. Sound Equipment (microphones, speakers, amps, sound boards, cables, and installation)

6. Video equipments (professional cameras, tripods, projectors, screens, software, tv’s)

7. Lighting equipment (can lights, intelligent lights, software, and anything else you need really)

8. Computer equipment (custom built PC’s, Mac’s, software, training)

9. Networking equipment (professionally installed  high speed networks for your business or office)

10. Band Management/Booking (whether you need a worship band for a retreat or someone to rock your venues face off on a Friday night we can help)

With any of the equipment sales we can provide training, installation, and consultation. Again a part of what we make doing any of this goes towards helping us provide free resources to missionaries and churches who can’t afford to pay for videos or websites or logos. If instead of making a purchase you just want to donate to these efforts than email us. You can reach me to discuss anything we do at brian@shiftcreative.org


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