Exciting times in the land of Brian

1. Monday we are meeting with some record label executives to discuss Shift Creative doing a music video, website, and photo shoot for a Christian hip-hop/worship artist.

2. Tomorrow we travel to Warner Robins, GA to meet with a church about doing audio/video installation for them.

3. We are finishing up sgacogcamp.com for the state offices … we are also getting ready to write the code so that churches around the state can log on to sgacog.org to upload weekly attendance/financial totals

4. Another church in Savannah is wanting us to do a full audio/video/lighting installation so we will be meeting with them soon… this could potentially be a $200,000+ deal so we are excited

5. We are also working with the Church of Christ program called CIY to purchase gear for them… they are the guys behind Jr. High Believe and the Move Conference for HS students.

6. We have been booked to do a few weddings in the spring. One of them we will set up our cameras and a mixer and record the wedding live and hand the bride a DVD after the ceremony.

That’s just a few of the exciting things… we’ve had some smaller things like logo designs, web designs, and other things but that is all the big stuff…


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