Shift is shifting to Savannah!

Back around Christmas time I mentioned in a post that some big changes were coming but then in January I posted that those changes didn’t work out. For a few months my business partner, Jim Simpson, and I have been weighing our options for the future of Shift Creative and the future of what we do.

Here is our plan for the future…

Over the next few weeks I will transition from living in Hazlehurst, Georgia to living in the Savannah suburb of Richmond Hill, Georgia. I will work as media director for Southside Church of God. Southside is currently building a new building so I will be helping to run media in their current building for weekly services and help plan out all of the audio/video/lighting needs for the new building as it is built. After 18-24 months of doing this I will leave Southside to begin a church plant in downtown Savannah where there are no “contemporary” churches to reach out to college students or young adults. I will continue to work for Shift Creative full time on top of my duties at the church.

On March 11, 2009 Jim Simpson will leave his position as youth pastor at Hazlehurst Church of God. He will immediately begin a role as media pastor at Baxley Church of God for 18-24 months. During that time he and I will be in talks about the church plant and we will work together on Shift Creative projects. He will continue to live in Hazlehurst until he finds a place to live in Baxley and then he will move to Savannah after his work at Baxley COG is over.

In the fall or early winter of 2010 we will be planting a church in downtown Savannah. We already have a solid group of people involved in this process and we have the financial backing of the Church of God state offices and a handful of churches in the area. We will also be trying to get funding through the Acts29 network and some other sources. The church will reach out to the young adults, teens, college students, and young families in the downtown Savannah area who are currently un-churched.

In the future I’ll post more information on the church plant, my new job in savannah, and what Shift Creative is up to.


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