So I got all moved in here in Savannah on Thursday… this is such a cool town! I love how old fashioned and fancy downtown is but I I also love how new and “fast” life in Richmond Hill is.

This weekend I am going to Hamilton, Alabama with the church for a youth event at a place called “the ramp”. I’ll leave here at 4:30am on Friday and get back super late Saturday night… and then I’ll be running all the media stuff Sunday morning… so it’ll be a busy weekend but it should be a blast. 50 teens are going in our group so we are gonna be taking a charter bus which is always a fun time! I know on my little calendar thing it said I was going to be at a video event in Tifton, Georgia but Jim will be running that on his own which will be easy.

Last night we went to the midnight showing of KNOWING at the local Regal theater… it was a horrible movie… luckily we got in for free or else we’d be wanting a refund.

I got a haircut and some hip new clothes yesterday… thanks to Burlington Coat Factory and SportsClips… since I am on staff at the church and in a leadership role I figured I should try to dress up more so I got a few button up shirts (on clearance) and 2 pairs of jeans that were on clearance. My haircut is the shortest haircut I’ve had in recent memory and I got some gel to spike it up a little… I’ll try to have pics up of me rocking this new look out later after the event this weekend.

Monday is my day off of church stuff but I’ll be working Shift stuff almost all day. Tuesday and Wednesday I plan youth services with Brandon, Thursday I am going back to Hazlehurst for a few hours to meet with Jim, and Friday morning I leave super early for that event in Alabama.

I love this new church… the music is amazing (Brandon Holt and his band rock it out each Sunday) and the preaching is way less just screaming and way more teaching focused. I like how its a younger church and more open to creative ideas and I think that bringing a guy like me on staff shows that they really want to reach out to younger generations.


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