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The Next Few Months

May 1- Reverse Rebellion
May 15-16- SGACOG event
May 22- Wedding
May 26- Running Media for a concert
June 4-6- Ohio trip
June 7-12 – SGACOG event
June 21-26- SGACOG camp
June 28-July 3- SGACOG camp
July 5-10- SGACOG camp
July 12-17- SGACOG camp


Reverse Rebellion

Friday May 1 at 7pm a movement will begin in the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia.

A ragtag group of renegade young people will commit themselves to rebelling against our cultures rebellion from God.

Television, Hip Hop/Top-40 music, Movies, Sexuality, Cutting, Abortion, and other relevant topics to young people today will be discussed in ways very few people are willing to talk about.

This event is a one night event, it is 100% free, and it is open to anyone from anywhere.

It will be available to watch online for free on our website which is

You will be able to get more info online soon!


This event and all of our speakers and musical acts are available to be booked this summer/fall. For information contact Brian Buchanan at



I haven’t shared a whole lot of stuff recently… mostly because of time and my crazy schedule… it seems like I’m out on the road half of my life doing events or attending events and the days I am in town I am working 24/7 on projects.

The little bit of down town I’ve had and the vision that God has been birthing in my soul and in the hearts and minds of the people in my circle is incredible. A movement is brewing, a change is coming, and for the first time in my life I can honestly say that the decision to move along with what this vision entails is a life or death decision.

We are about to take on the most violent, vulgar, and yet most influential sector of society. We are about to call a generation to radically change their music consumption habits. Through a movement called “Reverse Rebellion” we are going to expose the lies and share the truth about top 40 and hip-hop and that whole style/culture/religion. Through a series of messages and resources we are going to put it all on the line to get the truth out.

The people we’re against are violent, they are wealthy, they are powerful, and they’ll want us gone. I’m ok with that. I know where I am going and I’m willing to make that sacrifice if need be. I know my family and close friends reading this might have a different view but this has to be done. I’m tired of kids knowing more about Flo Rida’s lyrics then they know about the Bible. I’m tired of hearing 10 year old girls singing “If you seek Amy” by Brittany Spears. Through connections with Lecrae, Tye Tribbett, and Mali Music we will have a challenging yet engaging event that hopefully we can bring to a city near you.

Check out and keep checking back for updates as we launch this movement and tour and get in touch if you want to bring this event to your area.


T-Shirt Designer needed

I am looking for someone to design a shirt… We can pay between $50 and $100 for the design

We want something similar to what you’d find at a RUE21 or Pac-Sun with the words “You See Dry Bones. We See An Army” … this is for a youth group so while we want something hip and modern looking it has to be appropriate. If interested email brian at or call him at 9372879845 during normal business hours


The last week or so…

1. The Ramp was amazing! The youth group is still on fire after it!

2. Having my mom come visit was fun! Although she told embarrassing stories to my housemates and friends… but it was fun showing her around savannah and hanging out

3. That shooting in Binghamton I think will start a trend as more and more people are laid off.

4. Tonight I am going to see Madea Goes To Jail with some of the leaders and students of ONE80

That’s all for now!

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