A long awaited update…

Life here in Savannah is continuing at a crazy pace… the church I am is keeping me busy with designs for flyers and the bulletin and sermons, plus I am one of the creative directors of a new city-wide service called Rescue that we host at our church for all students in or around Savannah, plus I am one of the creative directors for a national conference tour called Reverse Rebellion that is set to kick off in a few months, plus I travel with Brandon Holt and his band to run media for their concerts/worship-events, plus I still run all the media for the South Georgia Church of God campground, plus I still help install and purchase Audio and Video equipment for churches nationwide, and I also still do graphic design and web design and video production for churches nationwide.

Basically I’m booked through July with something big or crazy big every week and even after that I’m waiting to hear back on like 20 things… but I like being busy.

I am excited to make it home for a few days to be with my family and see my brother graduate HS. I’ll be in Ohio June 4-6 and I might stay the 7th for church at BCC or something

Anyways that’s all I got time for… peace!


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