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The most I’ve ever cried…

One year ago a really good friend of mine and his family went through a very trying time… I posted this on August 12, 2008 in the early afternoon after being up for almost 2 whole days… I titled it “The Most I’ve Ever Cried” when I originally posted it and I wanted to share it as a reminder for me and all of you who prayed and helped save Baby Zoe’s life…


Monday started out normal.

Up until 9pm nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
Then at 9pm my friend Jim’s wife Carmen felt sick. Being 8 months pregnant Jim was concerned so out of an abundance of caution they went to the hospital. I stayed back with Jim’s 6 year old son Isaac.
Around 10pm I got a call… “Brian grab Isaac and get to the hospital as fast as you can”…
So I did.
I went 95mph+ on some of the back country roads. The whole time I prayed and listened to worship music and hoped for the best.
I went into the emergency room and was taken up to the birthing center.
The mood was somber and sad yet prayerful. Some of Jim’s friends were walking around the hallways praying for the rooms and doctors, others stayed in a waiting room to watch his Isaac and Katelyn, and a few simply stood outside of the room waiting for the news.
The news came. Bad news.
The baby wasn’t breathing on it’s own, the babies heart wasn’t working right, it needed 2 blood transfusions, and ultimately the hospital in Vidalia, Ga was not equipped to save the baby.
Two hours away in Savannah a team was assembled. Specialists were called in and an ambulance left to pick up the baby in Vidalia. For a few hours all we could do was wait.
I cried. I prayed. I was scared. I was hopeful.
How do you tell a 6 year old boy or a 2 year old girl that their new little baby sibling might not make it?
I texted everyone and anyone with the urgent prayer request. The ladies were going to stay in Vidalia with Carmen while the guys headed to Savannah.
At 3am the team of specialists had stablized the baby enough to move it to Savannah. As they rolled the huge machine with the little life inside I could see it’s heart beating and it’s breathing. I looked at it’s miniature hands and tiny little feet and tears shot out from my eyes.
I rode in Jim’s car as we followed the ambulance going over 100mph. We weaved through highway traffic while praying and listening to the new Hillsong CD… these lyrics still echo in my heart from that drive…
“All of my life
In every season
You are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship”
We arrived at the hospital and ran into the ICU unit for babies. The doctor came in and said that many of the previous complications and problems were gone. There was no evidence of ear or eye damage, the heart was doing ok, the lungs were still bad but getting better, and the situation went from “it will take a miracle of God to save this baby” to “the miracle has begun”.
From 5am until 11am I stayed with Jim. Watching the stuff in the waiting room, taking phone calls for him, and going in to visit the baby. Once again I prayed, I cried, I nodded off to sleep, and as the day went on I began to feel more and more at peace.
Jim and his wife Carmen got a chance to talk privately before Jim left early this morning and he said that during that talk all they talked about was how they knew God was in charge either way and whether the baby died or lived God was going to get the glory.
Around 11:30 Tuesday morning we left the hospital to get some food and find a hotel to sleep in.
Tonight more tests come in… this little baby is still putting up a fight…. please keep praying…
Please comment on here or text me or get in touch if you are praying so I can let Jim know how many people are helping his baby fight the fight.

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