Another update

First of all lets go back to the week my parents were in town… it was great being able to see and hang out with them and it was cool having them meet Amber and get to know her! I’m not too happy with all the embarassing stories they shared with her but it wasn’t anything too horrible!

They left on Friday the 11th which gave me a few  short hours to finish up everything for Reverse Rebellion on the 12th. Then on the 13th Southside had Eddie James in for morning worship and evening worship which was amazing! After that I had a decently normal week until Saturday when Amber and I went to Carowinds to see Skillet and BarlowGirl and Superchick.

Then yesterday (Monday) I headed to Baxley to meet with Jim and Cory about ministry stuff and left around 11pm. I got back to Richmond Hill and was driving past the high school when I got pulled over. Apparently the first 30 feet of that road it is 35 before it turns into 45.. I was clocked going 43 in the 35 so the officer took my info and went back to fill out paperwork. I guess during that time a more urgent call came in and he just left. He never told me it was just going to be a warning or nothing…. so I waited a few minutes and then called the police department. The dispatcher radio’ed the officer and he said I wasn’t going to get a ticket and I was free to leave. It was just a weird incident… but I’m glad I didn’t get a ticket!

Anyways today is a pretty somber day here in the church office as one of our members, Mama J, passed away after battling sickness. Just pray for her family/friends and our church family… thanks!

I’ll update you all again soon! Keep in touch!


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