Full Speed Ahead…

The last few days have been crazy… spent Thursday and Friday out at The Lake Church’s new property where we wired it for all the Tv’s and internet and phones and projectors. Then yesterday I watched UC win and I helped Brandon decorate the house for Christmas before we had a few dozen HS students over for a youth group Christmas party. Today we had service in the morning and Rescue starts in 90 minutes! Tomorrow I leave for St. Louis with Amber for a few days with her to meet a really good friend of hers who is dying to meet me! On the way there we are stopping in Metropolis, Illinois so I can get my picture taken with the giant superman statue and I want to take a tour of the superman museum there (I know I’m a dork… you don’t have to rub it in!). While I am up there I will be spending a lot of time editing down wedding videos and working on stuff for The Lake Church, City Church (the church plant in Savannah), and Shift Creative stuff. When I get back I’ll have a semi-normal week here and then it’s back up to Ohio. I think I’ve changed the dates for when I’ll be up there… I planned on leaving Monday the 21 and getting back on the 30th but I think that’ll leave me too tired and cut a lot of things close… so I am going to plan no going up the 22nd and coming back the 29th. We will be having a New Year’s Eve thing at The Lake Church and I want to be sure I have time to set up everything and not be too tired and I want an extra day down here to pack and get ready before I leave (leaving the morning after a full day of church stuff just wears me out).

Tomorrow while I am driving to St. Louis I have a few posts scheduled to auto-publish… just a few funny videos/stories and a few cool gadgets and products I’ve seen. Hope you enjoy them. You can track my progress on the trip via twitter or text me at 937-287-9845… Amber will be driving part of it so I will be able to safely text!


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