3 reasons why I won’t get this first generation iPad

As excited as I was to watch and listen to the live announcement and as much as I agree that this is a revolutionary new addition to the Apple family, I have three reasons why I won’t be getting one anytime soon…

1. Flash – Why couldn’t they allow this to show flash webpages or other online videos besides just Youtube? For a company that is trying to distance themself from Google they sure do love Google’s Youtube. What about Vimeo and other flash video sites?

2. AT&T – Seriously? Haven’t they learned their lesson? AT&T’s network hasn’t been able to handle the iPhone data traffic so what makes them think they’ll be able to handle all this new iPad traffic? Plus Verizon’s coverage is more than double AT&T’s. I was really hoping they’d announce a Verizon plan and that would transition them into an iPhone deal with Verizon. Boo!

3. Camera – I have this problem with the iPod touch too. Why not put a camera in? There have been many times I wanted to take a picture and email it or shoot a video and they just make it so easy to do it on the iPhone but for some the iPod touch and now the iPad lack a camera. It would be great to be able to video chat with someone or broadcast live on ustream.tv using my iPod or an iPad but we’ll have to wait and see if future models will allow us.

Your thoughts?


2 Responses to “3 reasons why I won’t get this first generation iPad”

  1. 1 JT
    January 28, 2010 at 11:26 am

    1. Flash is a CPU hog. I agree that they should have it, but HTML 5 is way better and I think they are banking on the transition away from flash. HTML5 is what the iPhone and iPod Touch’s youtube use and is what YouTube is slowly transitioning to.

    2. I agree that it should be on verizon, but AT&T’s 3G is faster, especially when they roll out their new 7.5 mb/s network by the end of next year. And the Verizon double the size of AT&T is not 100% true. It is larger but not that much. But, having said that, AT&T as of now sucks. I have an iPhone and unless I am in a decent size city or town, the coverage sucks.

    3. I agree here also, but they cant give you everything in the first product launch, then they wont have much to build on and make people want to buy the 2nd and 3rd generation of device. Plus if they were to put a camera in the price would have probably went up. But there are hints to them putting a camera in and then scrapping it just befor launch. http://cuthut.com/KZG

  2. 2 Bruce Kraus
    February 2, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    1.HTML 5 and h.264 video are the web standards
    2. The Apple iPad will not be bound to any particular carriers data plan
    3. http://eclecticchoices.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/ipad-may-include-forward-facing-video-camera/

    The iPad will probably ship eventually with a forward-facing video camera.

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