My life over the next few months…

I’m looking ahead at my schedule (both personal and business) and I’ll be slightly busy…

1. Warfare’s CD drops March 23. That means all the recording and package designing and everything has to be to the printer by March 5… getting pretty anxious about that! March 23 it should be on iTunes and Amazon for all you downloaders out there!

2. Warfare’s shirts have to be here by March 24 because we leave for Sonfest the next day. 1500 shirts (500 of 3 different designs). I have 2 of the designs done… the last one is stressing me!

3. Sonfest and Passing The Torch are coming up… these are 2 HUGE events that I’ll be  helping to run  Warfare’s media for and all of the Warfare gear will be sold it. It will really be weird seeing shirts I designed being worn around both these events (I hope T.L. Lowery picks up the Jezebel one)

4. City Church is still going to launch May 9! We will start as a house church until we find a building we like that we can afford. The one we love is $8,000 a month (it’s on broughton street) but that’s a little out of our budget right now… so we are still looking

5. The Lake Church’s new building is slated to open May 16. This means although my last Sunday will be May 2 (cause I’ll be switching to City Church) I’ll be back May 16 because I promised to help them run their first service in their new building.

6. Websites. A handful of them (including Lake Church and City Church). I’m using a outdated software on a slow PC to design them and a super-old iMac to code them and upload them to our server… so it’s a painful process but it’s slowly getting done!

7. Invisible Children returns on March 21. If you haven’t heard that then you must live in a cave because I have been super annoying about getting the word out about it… but yeah I really want a full house for them so that’s been consuming a lot of my free time. As you can see the week of March 21 is busy… Invisible Children on the 21st, Warfare CD drops the 23rd, Sonfest the 25th-28th

8. Wilderness Outcry is in June and that’s something I don’t have a whole lot of details on except they expect 700.000 people there and Warfare is performing and we’ll have a merch table there.

9. Oh and last but not least today is my 7 month anniversary with Amber so we are celebrating by going to IHOP for National Pancake Day! How romantic, huh?


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