The King Still Has One More Move

I heard this story  in 2005 at a Christian Conference in Pittsburgh. I just stumbled  upon it online after a few years of forgetting about it. I thought it might fit where we are as a nation and world:

I was at an art gallery with my friends, perusing the paintings and just walking through, pretending to have a greater appreciation for art than I actually held. My friend got stuck on one of the paintings, a piece titled “Checkmate” that depicted a chess game at (you guessed it) checkmate. He stood there for over an hour, while I walked through the whole gallery and back. I stood there with him for a few moments, quickly became bored again, and began to walk away for my second circuit of the room. However, as I did, he shouted, “The king still has ONE MORE MOVE!”

Why would the artist paint this scene incorrectly? There are millions of finished chess games in the world, millions of scenarios that would have allowed for a correct label to the scene. However, the artist decided to say that, contrary to all appearances of checkmate, the king still had one more move.

Isn’t this something like life? As Christians surrounded by a hopeless looking world, it often feels as though we’re pawns in a losing game of chess. As though we’re fighting when the game is already finished, when the King has been defeated, and Satan has won. As though nothing we do will stop the fact that the King has left this world, and God is absent from all the misery and pain felt by people here. However, as in the painting, the KING STILL HAS ONE MORE MOVE. See, Jesus died, and that should have been the end. A miracle happened, and he rose, but then he left this world. Shouldn’t that have been the end? Hell has been given free reign over this earth, just look around. There are earthquakes, shootings, pickpockets, failing grades, corrupt politicians, gossip, bad parents, suicide, tornadoes, depression, guilt, failed relationships, child molesters, eating disorders, AIDS, orphans, starvation. However…

The King still has ONE more move.

Look again. See love, sports, joy, gifts, swingsets, preschoolers, grandparents, friends, family, college, art, music, Apple Computers, hugs, bonfires, beaches, sunsets, laughter, HOPE. The King is here, and he is playing. And one day he will end Hell’s temporary reign.

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

-Revelation 21:4


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