For the first time since 2nd grade I’m not doing this

I realized over the weekend that for the first time since 2nd grade I will not be attending or working at a summer camp. For about the last 18 years I either attended a camp as a camper or worked at a camp as a counselor/media-guy. The camps I attended/worked at are  some asthma camp in Columbus, Ohio, Camp Kern, Cub scout camp, Boy scout camp, SB2W Christian sports camp, Butler Springs Christian Camp, and SGACOG youth camp.

Did you ever attend or work at a summer camp? If so what kind and how many years?


1 Response to “For the first time since 2nd grade I’m not doing this”

  1. June 14, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    From when I was about 9 until I was 12, I went to a swimming/tennis camp that the coach at my school put on each year. After 10th and 11th grade, I worked at Camp Nathanael in the dishroom/cleaning bathrooms/working at the canteen, out in eastern Kentucky. It’s a Christian camp nestled away in the mountains there (one week each summer I was a camper too, during high school week). And now, in 8 days I leave for my third summer as a camp counselor at Camp Wing up outside of Boston. Many of the kids here are considered at-risk and most come from south Boston, about as inner-city as you can get.

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