An IMPORTANT note to friends, family, and pastors…

City Church, the church in downtown Savannah I’ve helped to plant and I work for, now has a building! We are on MLK Drive in Savannah next to Carlito’s restaurant! This location is perfect for us to reach Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) students. We feel like if we reach SCAD students during their 4 years in Savannah with the Gospel then when they get hired at MTV or NBC or a film studio or a fashion designer they’ll bring their new faith to that job. We can literally change the world and the media through what happens in Savannah. That just excites me.

The truth is though this isn’t free. It costs money to run this building and have these services. It costs money to have the media and look that will attract these creative and media-savvy young people. It costs money to feed them and have outreaches. It costs money to advertise and get the word out about the church and our events.

If you know anything about college students you know they don’t have money. We probably won’t be able to operate on just the tithes these students bring in. We’ll need outside help from people who see the vision and believe in what we are doing.

This isn’t a typical church plant. None of us at the church take a salary from the church. We all work for a company called Shift Creative that sells and installs pro video, pro audio, and lighting systems for churches and businesses. As the church grows though we aren’t certain if we’ll have the time to devote as much time to Shift and also run the church effectively.

We don’t view us as just church planters. We all have the mindset that we are missionaries to this city.

If you or your congregation are interested in making a one time donation or a monthly commitment to what we do let me know. You can either have it go into the general church fund or you can earmark it for me and it’ll help pay my bills.

Email to your address to: brian (at) shiftcreative (dot) org and I’ll send you more information on the church and what we do and what we are asking for or if you already know you want to give let me know that and I’ll let you know how you can.

If you can’t financially give then just please pray! All of us at City Church have fallen in love with this city and it’s people. It’s been a long road to get to this point where we have the perfect building and the perfect opportunity to reach this unchurched group of people.

Thanks so much!

Brian Buchanan


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