My Twitter vs. My Facebook

I logged into Facebook on a computer for the first time in forever the other day and realized how cluttered and unorganized my Facebook page was with all my tweets being sent to FB as status updates. So I turned that off. Here is my new game plan for social media:

1. Twitter will be used for day to day updates on where I am and what I am doing, conversations with other tweeters, and frequent retweets of things I find funny/interesting. I will most likely tweet 25+ times a day on average.

2. My time on Facebook will be focused more on deeper conversations, more focused and purposeful updates, and a place to post funny/interesting videos I find or make. You can expect anywhere from 1-10 updates a day (including pictures, videos, blog posts, status updates, etc).

3. This blog will continue to be where (when I have time) I sit down to let a few thoughts out in paragraph form.

As always anything I put on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc) is 100% my thoughts and not necessarily the views or opinions of any company, organization, ministry, or church I have been a part of or currently am with.

Leave a comment letting me know your thoughts on this!


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