Please Pray For Will

Last night a man named Will walked up to City Church and called me over to the doorway where he stood.

He began to explain that he wasn’t going to come into the church and he’s sorry for bothering me and he understands if I don’t want to help. I asked what he needed. He said he had AIDS (from making mistakes with girls when he was younger). He said no homeless shelter in his hometown would take him and he heard about one here in Savannah that would so he came here.

When he got here (via hitchhiking and Greyhound) he realized the shelter wasn’t downtown and he had no way of getting there. He tried to get a few other churches to give him the $3 needed to get a bus pass but no other church even let him in the door. The police said he couldn’t ask for money downtown because of the negative effect on the tourists and students here.

The light outside was fading and this man had nothing and nowhere to go. So I let him in. I got him something to drink. I sat down and listened to his story and had Amber run to the ATM to get him cash for the bus. When she came back and we gave him the money he started crying and hugged me and said “this is the most anyone has ever done for me”.

Please pray for Will. Pray that he’ll follow through with his commitment to come back for a service at City Church. Pray that he will be healed (physically, emotionally, spiritually). Thanks!


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