Extreme Makeover: Engagement Edition!

Today I got engaged to the beautiful and wonderful Amber Marie Terry!

I feel like it’s a unique enough story that it deserves a blog post…

I started around 4pm today when one of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition producers told me to come to the art tents to tape a bit with designer Tracy. I had already taped a few bits with Tracy and Paul so it didn’t seem like a big deal. I show up, she shows up, the cameras roll, and we start talking.

She asked me if I knew about the Simpson families wishlist… I said no… so she opened it up and #1 on the list was “Get BB an engagement ring for Amber”. I was so shocked I was speechless (which is not good for TV). She asked if I’d be cool with her helping to pick out a ring. I said sure. So the bit ended and I left the site to head to tape a bit at The Ronald McDonald House with Paula Deen. I ended up being too late to be in the bit but I showed up at the house and watched my friends Zac and Kim cook pasta with Paula.

After that we drove over to Grayson stadium for the Extreme Extravaganza. I arrived and was instantly told to get mic’d up so I got a mic pack on. After the intro and some of the festivities started I was pulled aside by the producer Brenton and he took me up to a balcony. A camera crew showed up, Tracy arrived, and once the cameras were rolling she asked if I remembered our earlier convo. I said I did and she pulled out a 1.5 carat diamond ring. She asked if I wanted to ask Amber tonight and I said yes I would so we went over to where Amber and the rest of the City Church crew were. I got down on one knee and asked Amber and SHE SAID YES!!!! As I was getting up I fell over but I was assured by the producers that they would edit that out!

We spent the rest of the night hanging out with friends there, calling our parents to tell them the news, and then heading back to Abercorn and 55th to watch the progress on the house.

This has been such an amazing experience. Literally the coolest chain of events I’ve ever experienced in my whole life. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Amber, I can’t wait to continue to serve and love Savannah with the Simpsons, and I’m grateful for all of the people in my life who have made this possible.

I love you all!


4 Responses to “Extreme Makeover: Engagement Edition!”

  1. 1 Donnajean
    November 18, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    This has oto be one of the Sweetest Stories I have heard in a long while. Congratulations to You both. May God Bless Your Union as One and Enrich Your life with His Love and Blessings.
    Congratulations as well to the Simpson Family for the the wonderful Gift they Are Recieveing from the Extreem Makeover Team.
    God’s Blessings To You

  2. 2 Roxanna
    November 18, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    Brian & Amber … words are not enough to express the GOODNESS OF GOD! Congratulations!!! This is one wedding I hope to attend! Love You both and so glad I met you a the Lake Church! Even more glad that I was able to Pastor Jim at the new City Church! BLESSINGS!

  3. 3 Grandma and grandpa B.
    November 19, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Congratulations to you and Amber.
    Grandma and Grandpa B.

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