My 2010 Christmas Wishlist

I know it’s cliche to post something like this but I’m being honest… I don’t really want much for Christmas. I mean sure giftcards are always good and I like new socks and everything… but the older I get the more I realize how amazingly blessed I am and how many people don’t even have the basics.

So if you planned on sending me a gift, giftcard, cash, or anything for Christmas… please instead do 1 or more of these things:

1. Please give financially to City Church Savannah. It’s tax deductible and it’s a great way to help fund all the amazing things we are doing to love our city and change the world. You can mail a check to 125 MLK Jr. Blvd Savannah GA 31401 or email me brian@citychurchsavannah.com if you want to use a debit/credit card and ill tell you how

2. Give to Invisible Children or buy Invisible Children products. The work they do is amazing. I love advocating with them to help end the use of child soldiers in east Africa. Everything about their organization is awesome. Every person I’ve ever met or talked to from there is super cool and friendly and they are empowering youth and young adults to change the world! You can find out more, donate, and shop at InvisibleChildren.com

3. Support any of the other organizations I’ve been able to partner with through City Church. LinkGlobal.org and FallingWhistles.com are just a couple. Donate to their causes, buy their products, and support their missions!

4. Donate to a local charity you already have connections with. Maybe it’s a pet shelter or food bank or job center. You can donate in my name or your name or anonymously… doesn’t matter. While I’m so grateful and excited by all the gifts I’ve been given over the years by my friends and family I feel like doing something like this will just multiply the happiness as we team up to give to others.



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