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Does your company let you nap at work?

The Yahoo homepage today had an interesting article about how more and more companies are letting employees take naps at work. I’m kinda hoping City Church and Shift Creative start this!

Here is the article:


Any bands interested in playing at an @Invisible Children event on October 27?

On October 27 City Church will be bringing Invisible Children’s Face To Face Tour to Savannah.

Invisible Children uses film, creativity, and social action to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony’s rebel war and restore Northern Uganda to peace and prosperity. This tour includes a film about the situation and the chance for both a student and teacher in Uganda to share their stories. These Ugandans have overcome all odds. They are night commuters, child mothers, displaced persons, orphans by war. They refuse to be defined by their past, pushing forward to define their own futures.

After the film and the discussion we’d love for either a local, regional or national band that supports IC to play.

We think having a band will increase the exposure. The band will benefit from all the free publicity. This event will be promoted heavily on Radio, on TV, and in newspapers. Flyers for this event (with the band’s information on it) will be distributed throughout the city. Local TV News will be promoting the event in newscasts and doing a story on the event after it happens. There will be an opportunity for you as a band to share on TV why you support IC which will be great free exposure to the community. This event will also be promoted heavily on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other social media outlets. Again all exposure will include information on your band which is priceless.

Please email Brian Buchanan at if you are interested.

Thanks for your time!


“Cincinnati Girls” (a parody of the Katy Perry song)

It mentions Graeter’s Ice Cream and Skyline Chili so I’m pretty sure it’s 100% accurate!


Switchfoot’s lead singer had a run in with Tampa police (video)

Skip to about 5:20 to watch the Tampa police officer grab Jon Foreman and forcibly remove him from the concert.

Do you think the cop did the right thing?


No lie this might be the funniest Youtube video EVER

Do you agree?


CNN investigates funny (and embarrassing) church signs

Check out the article here…

What are some of the funniest church signs you have seen?


Maybe it’s about time…

In a market flooded with bands it takes something extra special to grab your attention these days. Rapture Ruckus are one of those rare groups that are cutting through the noise and connecting with people all over the world using their catchy blend of rock and hip-hop.

Perhaps the first real display of this magnetism in action came at New Zealand’s renowned Parachute Music Festival. There, fronted by talented producer/songwriter Brad Dring, they won the hearts of over 25,000 people and went on to break the festival record for Highest-Selling Debut Act.

Parachute Music were quick to see the potential and sign Rapture Ruckus in 2004, and over the past six years the band has continued to gather an increasing following through extensive touring (U.S, Canada, South Africa, Singapore and Australasia) and the release of three albums out of their native New Zealand. In 2007 their album “I Believe” received critical acclaim at the NZ Music Awards, winning the award for Best Christian/Gospel Album.

International attention followed in the form of BEC Recordings, who signed the band in late 2009 and has partnered with them in their self-titled debut U.S. release. The six-track album is America’s first taste of the signature sound that is Rapture Ruckus. From the crowd-pleasing choruses of pop anthems Tonight and No Matter What to the bold declarations of I Believe, this record showcases the band’s ability to write songs that will stick in your head for days.

The first single to be released in the States, Hold On, was written by Dring in response to some close friends who were facing cancer, depression and a marriage falling apart. The song speaks of clinging onto God’s promises regardless of our situations and circumstances. Dring admits to being overwhelmed by the number of emails sent in from people saying they desperately needed to hear that message of hope: in our darkest hour sometimes all we need to do is just hold on and trust that God will come through for us.

Now based out of Nashville, TN the reputation of Rapture Ruckus is growing almost as fast as their fan-base as they tour throughout the States. Attending a Rapture Ruckus concert highlights one of the truly special things about this group – their ability to break through restraints or barriers and really engage with people. Dring is the band’s creative mastermind and is known for his perfectionism. Every element of their live show has been carefully considered. As a result you are treated to a dynamic performance where every light, special effect, graphic or lyric draws you in and allows you to really hear the messages being delivered. That, says Dring, is the ultimate goal.

So what is Rapture Ruckus? Big stadium-ready choruses. Raw honesty and passion. Songs that are captivating audiences all around the globe.

Maybe it’s about time you got some RUCKUS in your life?

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