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Some random thoughts…

1. Something HUGE is happening at southside church of god… its starting with the teens and hopefully it overtakes the adults as well! I loved hanging out with the students/leaders and I’m excited to be a leader in that ministry now!

2. Damon Thompson is probably the best speaker/preacher I have ever heard.

3. May 1 and May 2 I am helping to plan out and put on an event called Reverse Rebellion. If you can be in Savannah those days you need to be! Tye Tribbett, Mali Music, Damon Thompson (maybe), and a bunch of other great speakers/musicians will be there!

4. I burn more calories laughing than I bring in eating whenever I eat meals with Brandon Holt or David Thaxton

5. I 100% absolutely love the Savannah area, this new opportunity to serve in a forward thinking church, and seeing how God orchestrated all this to happen


States I’ve been to…

Below is the list of states I’ve been to so far in my life… Mississippi hasn’t happened yet but it will this weekend as we are staying in Tupelo, Mississippi during the Ramp conference…

01. California
02. New Mexico
03. Arizona
04. Utah
05. Colorado
06. Nebraska
07. Iowa
08. Illinois
09. Michigan
10. Indiana
11. Ohio
12. Pennsylvania
13. West Virginia
14. Kentucky
15. Tennessee
16. Arkansas
17. Georgia
18. Florida
19. South Carolina
20. North Carolina
21. Virginia
22. Washington D.C.
23. Maryland
24. Delaware
25. New Jersey
26. New York
27. Texas
28. Colorado
29. Missouri
30. Kansas
31. Vermont
32. Connecticut
33. Wisconsin
34. Minnesota
35. South Dakota
36. North Dakota

37. Alabama

38. Mississippi



So I got all moved in here in Savannah on Thursday… this is such a cool town! I love how old fashioned and fancy downtown is but I I also love how new and “fast” life in Richmond Hill is.

This weekend I am going to Hamilton, Alabama with the church for a youth event at a place called “the ramp”. I’ll leave here at 4:30am on Friday and get back super late Saturday night… and then I’ll be running all the media stuff Sunday morning… so it’ll be a busy weekend but it should be a blast. 50 teens are going in our group so we are gonna be taking a charter bus which is always a fun time! I know on my little calendar thing it said I was going to be at a video event in Tifton, Georgia but Jim will be running that on his own which will be easy.

Last night we went to the midnight showing of KNOWING at the local Regal theater… it was a horrible movie… luckily we got in for free or else we’d be wanting a refund.

I got a haircut and some hip new clothes yesterday… thanks to Burlington Coat Factory and SportsClips… since I am on staff at the church and in a leadership role I figured I should try to dress up more so I got a few button up shirts (on clearance) and 2 pairs of jeans that were on clearance. My haircut is the shortest haircut I’ve had in recent memory and I got some gel to spike it up a little… I’ll try to have pics up of me rocking this new look out later after the event this weekend.

Monday is my day off of church stuff but I’ll be working Shift stuff almost all day. Tuesday and Wednesday I plan youth services with Brandon, Thursday I am going back to Hazlehurst for a few hours to meet with Jim, and Friday morning I leave super early for that event in Alabama.

I love this new church… the music is amazing (Brandon Holt and his band rock it out each Sunday) and the preaching is way less just screaming and way more teaching focused. I like how its a younger church and more open to creative ideas and I think that bringing a guy like me on staff shows that they really want to reach out to younger generations.


48 Hours

It’s crazy that in about 48 hours I’ll be pulling up to my new house in Savannah, Georgia.

It’s even crazier to think that a year ago today (March 17) I made my decision to leave Camfel and move to Hazlehurst.

While I do miss Beavercreek (and Chipotle) I’m excited for this new chapter in the south and I am even more excited for what will happen in about 18 months when I am part of a church plant that will change the world.

Our theme is Reach Savannah. Reach The World. and we’ll share more about what we mean in a future press release.

In the mean time know that my cell and email will all stay the same so keep in touch!


Little over a week…

It’s been a crazy few weeks here in BB-land. In a little over a week I’ll be moving from small town America back to a more urban/suburban town. I’m definitely excited because I’ll be just minutes from the ocean, I’ll be around way more people my age, and I’ll be living in a really nice house with a housemate who has been a good friend for a while now and the church I’m working at is a growing and thriving congregation getting ready to build a multi-million dollar state of the art building which I’m a part of planning.

Also the move means I’ll be near Starbucks, Pac-Sun, Lidz, and many other stores/restaurants that I love.

In the mean time if you are ever curious about my travel schedule or where I will be or why I’m not answering my phone or responding to emails you can now view my schedule at


New way to talk…

Since I’ve publicly announced the move I’ve had a lot of people ask what ways I’ll be communicating…

I will still be using this blog, facebook, and twitter to communicate and post updates. You can get the links to those sites on the side bar of this webpage (

I will be talking live on facebook chat on some occasions and I will be on MSN Messenger (aka Windows Live messenger) from my work computer whenever I am working. My contact email for MSN/WindowsLive is . I will also still occasionally log into iChat (AIM) with the screen name iBrianwashed.

If you have any questions let me know…


Shift is shifting to Savannah!

Back around Christmas time I mentioned in a post that some big changes were coming but then in January I posted that those changes didn’t work out. For a few months my business partner, Jim Simpson, and I have been weighing our options for the future of Shift Creative and the future of what we do.

Here is our plan for the future…

Over the next few weeks I will transition from living in Hazlehurst, Georgia to living in the Savannah suburb of Richmond Hill, Georgia. I will work as media director for Southside Church of God. Southside is currently building a new building so I will be helping to run media in their current building for weekly services and help plan out all of the audio/video/lighting needs for the new building as it is built. After 18-24 months of doing this I will leave Southside to begin a church plant in downtown Savannah where there are no “contemporary” churches to reach out to college students or young adults. I will continue to work for Shift Creative full time on top of my duties at the church.

On March 11, 2009 Jim Simpson will leave his position as youth pastor at Hazlehurst Church of God. He will immediately begin a role as media pastor at Baxley Church of God for 18-24 months. During that time he and I will be in talks about the church plant and we will work together on Shift Creative projects. He will continue to live in Hazlehurst until he finds a place to live in Baxley and then he will move to Savannah after his work at Baxley COG is over.

In the fall or early winter of 2010 we will be planting a church in downtown Savannah. We already have a solid group of people involved in this process and we have the financial backing of the Church of God state offices and a handful of churches in the area. We will also be trying to get funding through the Acts29 network and some other sources. The church will reach out to the young adults, teens, college students, and young families in the downtown Savannah area who are currently un-churched.

In the future I’ll post more information on the church plant, my new job in savannah, and what Shift Creative is up to.

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