Looking for some Savannah area businesses, media outlets and bloggers to help promote a community event!

Invisible Children, non-profit film organization, has included a stop in Savannah on it’s “Legacy Tour”. This tour features a new film about the 30,000+ child soldiers in east Africa who have been abducted and forced into battle by Joseph Kony and his rebel army. This tour also features real Ugandans who have been affected by the war who will speak in person about their experiences and answer any questions. The event is on March 21 and it will be at The Lake Church on the southside of Savannah (50 Al Henderson Blvd).

Here are a couple videos about the tour:



Basically we just need/want help promoting it. This event is free and any money donated and all monies from merchandise purchases at the event go straight to Invisible Children. We have no budget for ads or promotion so we are looking for some compassionate people to donate air-time, to write and air/print a news story or blog about the event, to donate space in a window for a flyer, or to donate a banner-ad space on a blog or website for the event. We have videos, clips from the documentary, graphics, and all of that ready to go. We can even get you phone interviews with the Invisible Children staff or the Ugandans visiting before they arrive in Savannah. You can interview them in person on that Sunday when they are in town (they will be available in the afternoon).

What’s in it for you? Honestly… not much. Like I said we can’t pay for any of this promotion because we don’t have any money for it. Basically in return for whatever you do we could help promote your business/blog/media-outlet via our facebook pages, we can put a link or small ad on a program we’ll pass out at the event, and you could possibly even set up a table that night at the event with information on your business or organization. Plus your act of promotion will show the community you care about local events and international issues.

For more information check out the official facebook event page here:


You can contact me via my cell at 937-287-9845 or email me at brian@shiftcreative.org


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