Kinda cool that someone I know from my drumline days now has their own stick line from Vic Firth

I played percussion with Andrew back in my drum line days and Andrew’s dad Wayne was my band director!


Vic Firth introduces Andrew Markworth Series
January 29, 2010

Boston, MA. November 2009 – Vic Firth Inc., the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets, is proud to introduce the Andrew Markworth Corpsmaster® Signature Keyboard Mallets.

As an instructor, arranger, composer and show designer, Andrew Markworth burst onto the marching percussion scene at a very young age! His talents have been showcased with some of the very best ensembles within the DCI, WGI and BOA arenas. Most recently, his design and instruction helped propel the Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps to a silver medal finish at the 2009 DCI World Championships.

“My goal with this mallet series was to create maximum sound projection while maintaining a dark tone quality,” states Markworth. “We now have a series that creates a big, natural sound from the front ensemble that will carry all the way to the press box. Anyone looking to improve the maturity of sound and presence of their mallet section will surely do so with these new mallets!”

The new Markworth Signature Series features 6 models — 3 for marimba and 3 for vibraphone. The marimba mallets feature large birch shafts (11/32″ diameter) for increased articulation and sound projection. 100% synthetic yarn with double-stitching provides maximum durability and weather resistance. The vibe mallets feature thick rattan shafts and are also wrapped in 100% synthetic yarn for added warmth to the sound with maximum durability and weather resistance.

M230 Soft. Produces many overtones from the low register. Great combination of warmth and clarity.
L = 16 3/4”, MSRP = $50.00

M231 Medium. Warm sound with clarity in all registers. L = 16 3/4”, MSRP = $50.00
M232 Hard. Articulate and bold with great tone. L = 16 3/4”, MSRP = $50.00

M233 Soft. Clear response. Projection and vibrant sound in the low register. L = 16”, MSRP = $63.00
M234 Medium. Full and clear sound in all ranges of the instrument. L = 16”, MSRP = $63.00
M235 Hard. Huge sound! Very clear articulation without glassy sound. L = 16”, MSRP = $63.00

Andrew adds “Having the opportunity to design and test this series with our Carolina Crown pit really helped me fine tune these products. They truly represent the quality I personally look for and can confidently use with my ensembles! Vic Firth provided complete freedom for design concepts while offering great ideas and input at the same time. This is a company that understands all aspects of the marching activity and stops at nothing to make sure that quality comes first.”

For more information, please visit www.vicfirth.com; phone: 617-364-6869; fax: 617-364-2571


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